Pierre Herbillon

graphic designer
& web developer

What I do

   "Alone we go faster, together we go further."

Working on your image and communication is a very time-consuming activity and requires preparation.
I offer you my services to set you apart from your competitors.

Web developement & web design

The websites I create for you are in HTML5 + CSS3 and completely Responsive (ok for computer, phone or tablet). I also help you to optimize your SEO for top natural referencing on search engines.

I make sure to offer very attractive rates so that you can still invest your resources in your business without putting it at risk.

Graphic & Visual identity

Let's be honest. Most people don't spend more than a few seconds on a website if they don't like it or if the user experience is a total disaster.
However, with designs and graphics that offer smooth and consistent browsing, you will manage to convince more and more customers.
Curious to see what I could do for you? Come see my portfolio

A relationship based upon trust

We want to remain a small structure with a human dimension. In order to establish a relationship of trust, we will offer you a personalized follow-up, according to your needs, while remaining faithful to our values.

Lucie and I are digital nomads, a way of life that we have chosen so that work remains a pleasure!
Come and discover who we are through our short presentation.

Who we are

pierre herbillon

Pierre, Lucie and Jazz

We are a small family of digital nomads, originary from Belgium.

In 2021, we have chosen to move to Portugal.
At first, it was a question of taking a step back on the events of the two previous years. With the health crisis, a burnout, the loss of a job ... we needed a break!

We boarded Jazz by car with the bare minimum and settled in Lisbon for a year and a half.
We took the time to settle down and discover the city in its every corner, I launched my very first freelance activity and got the chance to work with my first customers.

The Odyssey

Quickly, the desire to start a new adventure titillated us again. Our apartment was to sale and we had to choose between find a new one in Lisbon or go away... far, far away in our case ! In a few days, we took the decision to move to Greece, sold what we could and send the rest by UPS to our new "address" (we can't really call that an address, see contact details below)

We crossed the Portuguese border by train, then rented a car (Spain hates animals so much, dogs are not even allowed to travel alive) until Barcelona where we boarded a ferry to Italy where we spent a full day in Roma before leaving for Greece in another ferry.
We are now in our new home in Kalamata🇬🇷, +/- 3500 km away from Lisbon.

pierre herbillon

Rome, the eternal city.

And more...

We are a tiny structure, I don't bother giving myself titles like CEO.
Actually, you're the boss. 🤷‍♂️ (ok, almost 😉)

I am aware that freelances and SMEs are often taken by the throat by real, but also fake, comm' agencies. Sometimes "margoulins" (I love that french word) who offer you a site or a graphic identity at a price which corresponds to the GDP of Germany.

My ambition is not to offer my services to SpaceX or Apple, but to people who lack time and prefer to devote their budget to something more concrete.

pierre herbillon

Pierre Herbillon. Graphic Designer & front-end developer.

My portfolio

I offer graphics that suit you.
A consistent visual identity from your brand to your customers' smartphones.

Chocolaterie Caroline D website

Everyone in Mouscron and its area knows the Caroline's Chocolaterie. For almost 20 years now, her shop has been the place to go for chocolate lovers.

Chocolaterie Caroline

Orchidée Nuptiale website

In addition to her logo, Sophie also asked us for a complete overhaul of her website! Based on the same color palette as the logo.

Orchidée Nuptiale website

Logo for Orchidée Nuptiale

In her shop located in Mouscron, Sophie accompanies you to the most important day of your life!Come here to see what it is.

logo Orchidée Nuptiale

Our Perseus Theme

A new website template added to our catalog.

aperçu du site Perseus

Our Odysseus Theme

Passionated about Ancient Greece and the sea, I have developed this functional template for a showcase site that can be adapted to your needs.

Odysseus templateOdysseus template

Rosa Colada logo

We adopted the pink attitude the time to elaborate this very beautiful project, still in production. This way.

logo rosa colada

Logo "calm"

This logo was designed for an establishment with a zen and cozy atmosphere. Soft colors and clean curves.

logo calm

Logo "Sugar"

A greedy and sticky logo that spins cavities just by looking at it!

logo sugar

Logo "Menae"

Logo of the Menae store in Mouscron which succeeded the Wit'Lov store

logo Menae

Logo "Wit'Lov"

Logo of the Wit'Lov shop. This shop of pretty things offered accessories, decoration, clothes and good mood ! 😉

logo wit'lov

Wanna get in touch ?

Contact me

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Whether you are self-employed, a VSE or an SME, you have come to the right place.
I am currently living in Greece because my wife and I have chosen to work while traveling, but that should not make you hesitate, on the contrary.
Originally from Belgium, we know a lot about the world, its conditions and its constraints.

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The address... it's complicated
Our street has no name
Our house has no N°
(Hey... it's Greece 🤷‍♂️)

We are near Koukoutsis Catering
241 00 Kalamata

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